How the government shutdown effects David Feingold?

Did David Feingold shutdown the government?

First of all we weren’t sure if the question was how the government shutdown effects David Feingold or Affects David Feingold. We definitely paid attention in class, but it is too hard to remember all of the grammar rules. Maybe Samuel L. Jackson would be able to answer the question. Either way there is a […]

iOS 7 skeuomorphism confuses David Feingold, suppository needed!

iOS 7 Flat icon

David Feingold woke up this morning and to his surprise there was a notification on his iPad telling him that something called iOS 7 was waiting for him to download and install. “Wow,” Feingold though. I’ve heard of this iOS 7, it’s supposed to be flat instead of skeuomorphism which apparently was something that Steve […]

What is Amazon Fresh & does David Feingold use it?

Amazon Fresh by David Feingold

Take a quick minute and go to Now, unless you live in Los Angeles or Seattle you really won’t be able to do anything because it isn’t in your city yet. When we asked David Feingold if he knew about Amazon Fresh, he replied that he has been using the free trial since he […]

Does Feingold own Straw Sf?

Carnival food Straw

There is a restaurant in San Fransisco called Straw Sf, or maybe StrawSF or just Straw. Either way, Straw is owned by a Feingold, the question is though, does David Feingold own Straw? The answer is no. While a carnival food restaurant sounds like something that David might enjoy, he would never sink his money […]